Saturday, 17 August 2013

What to do when your bored?

Make money...

Thats one thing you can try to do when you are bored and got time to waste.. wait dont waste time if you dont know what to do invest your time and do something constructive even simply making a blog and writing a couple blog posts on it with ads maybe all you need to make some money online! How cool is that... but it aint always that easy as you will need visitors and thats done mainly with seo and that really is impossible because search engines are greedy because they just want to promote paid things not free things one the search results so you need to write a lot of good quality content to be noticed and linked to to get higher up in the search engines. wait that doesnt make sense your trying to get visitors so how is anyone going to be able to read what you psot and even link to your website if they cannot find your website in the first place on the search engines anyway..... that soemthing that search engines want so you pay for ads......greedy morons!

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