Tuesday, 6 August 2013


There really are tons of different insoles that are now available from height increasing insoles to insoles that help you run fast..really fast... but the wide choice of insoles can create confusion among consumers that is the reason why i am writing this little post here to tell people the insoles to buy and not to buy in the easy to understand small review of insoles. Right firstly forget what others tell you about custom insoles they...simply dont work! and are really too expensive...people and sales people hype them up so much because the profit they can get from people who buy them is huge.. off the shelf insoles are really the most affordable and offer just as good support than custom ones..Right whether your buying a pair of height insoles or some running insoles it is best to get them with built in arch support to support your arch this prevent injury and foot cramp. Another thing to keep in mind is what are the insoles made out of.. if they are not made from either foam, rubber or gel then dont bother with them because they wont be able to absorb shock.. You got all these points written down? I hope this quick summary helped you!

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