Saturday, 17 August 2013

What to do when your bored?

Make money...

Thats one thing you can try to do when you are bored and got time to waste.. wait dont waste time if you dont know what to do invest your time and do something constructive even simply making a blog and writing a couple blog posts on it with ads maybe all you need to make some money online! How cool is that... but it aint always that easy as you will need visitors and thats done mainly with seo and that really is impossible because search engines are greedy because they just want to promote paid things not free things one the search results so you need to write a lot of good quality content to be noticed and linked to to get higher up in the search engines. wait that doesnt make sense your trying to get visitors so how is anyone going to be able to read what you psot and even link to your website if they cannot find your website in the first place on the search engines anyway..... that soemthing that search engines want so you pay for ads......greedy morons!

Height right here right now

You want height right now and dont want to wait for yourself to grow taller? a pair of height increasing insoles can make this a reality by increasing your height really quickly and easy I tells ya!

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

runnign insoles giving you a little boost

If you are a runner you are always trying to better yourself and making it easier to run faster aren't you? So what if i told you that by putting in a pair of running insoles you will gain extra speed when running.. no its not cheating as it only makes your technique better and makes you run more efficiently.. by absorbing shock and making sure when your feet touch the ground on impact you dont loose energy... not only that they act like springs just about making running faster and more comfortable... Just think you should search on google how to run faster with insoles are you will find plenty there which will tell you exactly what im telling you now if you dont believe me!

Heel lifts for height ya know somethign for small people to get taller

Don't laugh at me when I suggest that small people who want to be taller can get taller by just wearing a pair of heel lifts (or shoe lifts whatever they are called... to many names makes it so confusing to understand) anyway people have been wearing these insoles for sometime now and they are not loosing their popularity among the rich and famous.. there is no height (safe at least) surgery that will make you taller.. and there definitely not any safe drugs to make you taller.. leaving the only options for the rich and famous to get taller is to wear height increasing insoles.. that's why celebs often look tall.. not because they really are that tall... not at all it is really because they have got a pair of heel lifts on lol.

This post was made after reading about height increasing insoles here

Hoped this helps you know how to get taller! :)


There really are tons of different insoles that are now available from height increasing insoles to insoles that help you run fast..really fast... but the wide choice of insoles can create confusion among consumers that is the reason why i am writing this little post here to tell people the insoles to buy and not to buy in the easy to understand small review of insoles. Right firstly forget what others tell you about custom insoles they...simply dont work! and are really too expensive...people and sales people hype them up so much because the profit they can get from people who buy them is huge.. off the shelf insoles are really the most affordable and offer just as good support than custom ones..Right whether your buying a pair of height insoles or some running insoles it is best to get them with built in arch support to support your arch this prevent injury and foot cramp. Another thing to keep in mind is what are the insoles made out of.. if they are not made from either foam, rubber or gel then dont bother with them because they wont be able to absorb shock.. You got all these points written down? I hope this quick summary helped you!

Bad webhosting is bad

Cheap affordable and reliable webhosting simply does not exist trust me. I have tried just about all the cheap £1 a month webhosting and half the time the websites are not online... you dont pay for webhosting basically you pay for them to well erm..for nothing. Poor customer service.. no warnings or explanations about downtime... If you go for one of these cheap web hosts that are advertised on forums... usually accompanied by tons of user review which are easily faked prepare to be scammed.. Not only will your website never be up cheap web hosts usually have tons of spammers on them as well meaning SEO can be destroyed just because you are on a server full of spammers so be warned.. and dont be scammed by these idiots.... if you have tons of websites.. get a reseller account for good hosting and host as many websites as you want.. its cost effective and you dont have to worry about spammers using the same hosting or stupid downtime...... what would you really want rubbish webhosting that's never online and a waste of money or unlimited webhosting that's always up and you can have as many websites as you want on it~?

Height increasing insoles the best way to get tall

Want to know the best way to get taller.. hey wait a minute put down those growth hormone pills and that fake ebook that costed you a arm and a leg.. you dont need them. The best way to get taller is quite simple really I cannot beleive more people havent tried it even if they arent looking to be taller its som simple I dont see why more people dont just try it.. height increasing insoles.
Height increasing insoles made to make you feel more confidence and more importantly actually be taller... they may sound silly at first but believe me they work and are much more effective than stretching exercises that can take a long time to even work... a pair of these can do just the trick without months of waiting for height increase through stretching exercises or from taking harmful and non working growth hormone pills that can wreck your health. Comfortable and hidden you got no mor excuses not to be tall I am afraid.
Don't believe me? Well others are talking about height increasing insoles... they aren't just worn by normal folks but everybody upto celebrity's and the rich are wearing them as a way to appear taller...