Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Heel lifts for height ya know somethign for small people to get taller

Don't laugh at me when I suggest that small people who want to be taller can get taller by just wearing a pair of heel lifts (or shoe lifts whatever they are called... to many names makes it so confusing to understand) anyway people have been wearing these insoles for sometime now and they are not loosing their popularity among the rich and famous.. there is no height (safe at least) surgery that will make you taller.. and there definitely not any safe drugs to make you taller.. leaving the only options for the rich and famous to get taller is to wear height increasing insoles.. that's why celebs often look tall.. not because they really are that tall... not at all it is really because they have got a pair of heel lifts on lol.

This post was made after reading about height increasing insoles here

Hoped this helps you know how to get taller! :)

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